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7 of the best Reddit PCOS threads on the internet

A collection of Reddit's most informative PCOS threads.

The best Reddit PCOS threads provide an online space for people to pose questions and share advice about  living with - and managing - polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Many posters are incredibly knowledgeable on PCOS. They’re willing to share how they manage their worst symptoms. People talk about how they're dealing with everything from weight gain, increased hair growth, depression, or acne.

And while those symptoms are enough to wreck our self-esteem, PCOS also places us at higher risk of developing other illnesses, like diabetes. Redditors get into the specifics on these topics, chatting about the lifestyle changes, blood tests, medication they've used to relieve their symptoms.

All to say,  Reddit’s a valuable resource if you’re looking for information about PCOS online.

Below, I’ve curated a selection of the best Reddit PCOS threads.

1.PCOS diet tips that actually work

When you have PCOS, what you eat can make your symptoms better or worse. Conversations are questions relating to diets are family common, and in this PCOS thread Redditors share which foods influence their insulin levels, weight, and mood.

While many of us often focus on what to eliminate, one Reddit user suggested that a better approach to a PCOS-friendly diet is to look at what to include, instead:

“The best advice I ever got was to focus on what I could add to my diet, not what to cut out. I added more fatty fish, eggs, healthy fats, whole grains, fruits and veggies, and naturally started eating less and less processed wheat and sugar. 

“Because I was enjoying all the diverse foods I didn’t crave it as much. I still indulge in sugary snacks occasionally, because moderation and balance is so important. Think about variety and eating until you’re satiated, not restriction!”

If you read through the responses, you'll find a whole range of advice. This shows that we're all different: what works for one person might not work for you. The PCOS subreddit is filled with questions like these that often receive a ton of thoughtful responses, including detailed first-hand accounts.. 

2.Raising PCOS awareness 

This thread highlights the need for greater PCOS awareness.

You're not alone if you feel like living with PCOS is isolating. While PCOS is a common condition affecting up to 12% in the U.S alone, you might find that social support and expert advice is lacking.

Readers talk about their struggle to access PCOS resources and help, especially within the healthcare system. One user wrote:

“It's equally frustrating when some health care providers have no idea what PCOS is. It affects 10% of women. That's no small number. If a health care provider said that they didn't know what diabetes was, that would be unacceptable.”

Research backs up this sentiment. A research paper in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism found 47% of women visited three healthcare professionals before receiving a PCOS diagnosis.

3.Effective PCOS reddit weight loss strategies

In this PCOS reddit weight loss thread, women share their most successful weight loss practices.

Overwhelmingly, the most common suggestions are exercise and diet. For diet, specifically, women said they usually lose weight once they cut out processed food and sugar.

For a deeper dive, there’s also the PCOSloseit subreddit, a forum dedicated to weight loss discussions.

4.Common PCOS symptoms 

Posters discuss the PCOS symptoms they’ve experienced in this AskWomen thread. Common PCOS symptoms include excessive hair growth, irregular periods, and increased weight gain.

This is a great example of the type of information I wished I’d had as a teenager. I was diagnosed with PCOS in my mid-20s. However, it would take another decade before I realised the relationship between PCOS and my acne and irregular periods.

Here’s a bonus PCOS symptoms reddit  thread. Consider taking one of these symptoms of PCOS quizzes if you're wondering whether you have PCOS.

Of course, just because you have these symptoms doesn’t automatically mean you have PCOS. I love the internet as a research tool, but you should always seek professional advice for further evaluation.


Polycystic ovaries and polycystic ovarian syndrome are not one and the same, and this Reddit PCO vs PCOS Reddit thread provides an easy-to-understand explanation on how these conditions differ.

This is a pretty important distinction to make. Since switching to a low-carb diet, I’ve seen significant changes. My period is regular for the first time…ever. Nowadays, I only break out if I overindulge in high glycemic foods. And my insulin levels are normal, too. My integrative doctor says I’ve managed to manage my symptoms, in large part, due to my diet. But my ovaries are still covered in cysts. Still, I know I have PCOS, not PCO, and must take steps to manage that condition.

6.PCOS causes 

What causes PCOS? There doesn't seem to be a definitive answer. Medical experts can't pinpont exactly why some of us develop this disorder and believe there may be several factors at play.

These two threads explore the possible causes of PCOS:

The first thread shares medical research that suggests exposure to a certain hormone in utero can cause girls and women to develop the syndrome.

In the second thread, posters express their thoughts on potential PCOS causes, ranging from genetics to environment.

Use Reddit’s PCOS threads to learn something new

Reddit’s PCOS community is an active community, where people share personal experience, medical studies, and more.

Using Reddit, we can further educate ourselves about PCOS. When you have a deeper understanding of what’s happening inside your body, you’ll have more useful conversations with your healthcare professional.

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